Gratitude & Support

Thank you so much for visiting Frankie DiDonato
I hope you will sign in and visit often.

If you would like to utilize DiDonato compositions in any capacity please do not hesitate to do so through the site ‘feedback’.

Collaboration with a variety of artists is very welcome and appreciated

If you would like to help the New Illuminati Chamber Ensemble.
produce a piece there are great ways to do so.

You can produce and existing piece for : Performance or Recording

You can create a theme, dedication and commission and entirely new piece to be created and composed for generations to come.

To Commemorate, Celebrate or distinguish an event or individual whether personal or universal. This was indeed the genesis of many great compositions but one need not be an aristocrat any longer. Please contact Frankie DiDonato on this site or direct:

frankiedidonato at yahoo dot com

Commissions of an entire piece are fun and surprisingly affordable

Donate any amount to fund rehearsals, performances or recordings

All contributions go directly into production cost / not for profit.

3 Replies to “Gratitude & Support”

    1. Thanks Paul… Yes just listening and feedback on all the endeavors is great support indeed!!! Thank you my friend.

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