KING RHYTHM & the good knights of beat

The Kingdom – Eve Gilbert Artwork

DiDonato has written a wonderful children’s book to promote music literacy. King Rhythm and the Good Nights of Beat takes place in the magical kingdom of King Rhythm. The reader takes a journey through the kingdom with Sir Quarter Note and meets all the other characters in the kingdom, all of which are rhythmic values.

King rhythm – Eve Gilbert Artwork

Watch an animated episode of King Rhythm

Episode 4

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  1. Hi,
    We are Alexandra and Thiemo, the young couple from austria you met in june on the LIRR train, when we visited ny.

    thanks for giving us your homepage link.

    Love your work and music!

    All the best,
    A & T

    1. Hi Alexandra and Thiemo,
      Thanks for visiting … I’m very glad you like my work. I appreciate your feedback. Stay well and keep in touch and enjoy the holidays – best – F

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