Blade Runner

Blade Runner is DiDonato’s musical alter- ego. Trapped in world of technology and robotics he employs that same technology to make a human connection. A ferocious paradox to his acoustic music; however, you will recognize the composition style. The albums share a common tread of irony and profundity with the use of media samples through the last century, from the world of science, art, politics and AI’s; ‘the good to the the ugly’


Cave Man on Mars


BLADE RUNNER had its genesis at the dawn of the pandemic with album in 2021. It expresses the cumulative fears, frustrations and concerns of the people of Earth. Its very electronic base asks the musical question: Who is in charge ?

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    1. Thanks … I am right in the middle of tracks for BLADERUNNER 2022… Glad you like it … I had hoped done by end month but actually no way …look for it end of April. keep in touch – thanks again -F

  1. Well this says april – thats not gonna happen… STILL MIXING – Ill repost a date – but Ill have it out and streaming before summer – Be
    st – F

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