Thank you for your interest in supporting The New illuminati Chamber Ensemble. 

The reality is  I need help to finance future performances and recordings. 

All of the ensembles  finances with the exception of 50% of Chakra Sonata have come from my income as an educator. Considering the the prolific and potent output  this ensemble is capable of and deserves  we need help.

I can promise you it will be a very exciting thing to  be part of.  For me it is extremely  important you to feel you are a part of the creations, indeed an active member of the new illuminati.  

Before you donate anything we will communicate by phone or e-mail  so I can assure you exactly how your contribution is used.   I  believe these important works will be among a new wave of art music. I thank you very much for your time and consideration and Id love to talk to you about   anything regarding my compositions.

Below I think you will find a few options which can be classified as a tax deductible 

contributions  but also something where you are indeed a part of the art making process. 

(Or not, your choice)

(Any amount is  greatly appreciated towards option 1 & 2)

1- Choose a production NOT yet recorded that you’d like to see come to life;

    – choose to support a rehearsal or numerous rehearsals 

     -choose to put funds to recording of the piece 

     – or to the performance of a piece. 

2- Support a performance of an existing piece that you like 

    – funds will go towards producing the next concert

    – if you have a performance  venue  to donate for a future performance,  

3- Commission a brand new piece of music with a  theme and have direct input in the compositions artistic dynamics. (Chakra Sonata is an example of a commissioned piece) 

As the composer I assure you the work is given all of my attention. I can not work any other way nor would I allow my art to be a commodity on assembly line output.  

*Actually commissioning a piece is just about the oldest and most traditional way a composer and his ensemble can stay afloat.

If this interest you in the slightest give me a call, it can be profoundly enjoyable for all. 

Charge to Commission a piece is: 

– $1000- Receive the manuscript of the piece and a high.quality midi performance of your piece.

-$2000  to receive a live audio and video recording of the piece by the members of the new illuminati chamber ensemble

-$2500 – the piece is recorded and debuted at a live venue arranged by the composer.

Frankie DiDonato


frankiedidonato at yahoo dot com

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