The New Illuminati Chamber Ensemble

The New Illuminati Chamber Ensemble is an acoustic five piece ensemble dedicated to performing the music of DiDonato and its other members. Its mission is to keep the aesthetic excellence and traditions of classical music within contemporary composition and performance.

The material is often inspired by nature and mythology and compositions often celebrate achievements in literature and all art forms.

7/19/68 On my birthday I present to you:

A New Video For Chakra 2 – Earthy Pleasures from Chakra Sonata with Artwork by the one and only 12 th century phenomenon Hieronymus Bosch… Enjoy

Our previous “latest video” and a new single Below

Agnes Nagy, Harold Gutierrez, David Swanson,
Adrian Gutierrez, Zachary King, Valerie Nozzollo,
Georgi Lekov & Frankie DiDonato


Everest Rising is a journey that strives to both transmit the emotions of physically ascending the tallest mountain on earth as well as referencing all of the poetic metaphors that conquering a mountain represent.

Listen Everest Rising Tracks 1-7
Purchase Everest Rising

This production is available in Audio and also a one hour video presentation that incorporates the live recording of the piece by the ensemble with dramatic footage of ascending the mountain.

5 min Everest Promo


The seven spiritual and physical chakra’s are interpreted.
Each begins with a peddle tone associated with it from its eastern tradition. Descending from space or ascending from the Earth each chakra grows from the single tone into a rich composition, DiDonato’s interpretation of each.
Chakra Sonata was a commissioned piece by Sonam and the “Jewels of Buddha” Tibetan crafts shop in NYC. 
We greatly appreciate their support.

Listen Chakra Sonata tracks 1 – 7
Purchase Chakra Sonata

Chakra One – Video

Broken Bird – Single Release Video

inspiration from Russian violinist Liza Fediukova

Broken Bird

Composed material awaiting production in 2022

These two pieces are completed compositions and await sponsors to help produce them as recording and live acoustic productions. If you enjoy these pieces find out about becoming a producer and member of the new illuminati on the support page.


A tribute to the great American writer Kurt Vonnegut.

The piece flows like a collection of Vonnegut short stories. From small town college graduation to colonies in outer space, from lovers in a meadow to brothers on a battlefield. Emotions weave as”Vonnegut” relies heavily on jazz as well classical styles.

Watch the video with high quality midi instruments playing the piece

The  Impressionists

A tribute to the painters of the impressionist movement in 1870’s Paris France. “Pissarro, Monet, Degas, Renoir, Manet, Cezzane and Morisot were sharing and working together. They formed a group much like a musical ensemble. “The belief in each other while the world at first mocked them is awe inspiring” . This piece attempts to act as a tone poem for the groups trials and tribulations from 1860 to 1873.

Watch the video with high quality midi instruments playing the piece

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